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Root Canal Treatment

Is Root Canal Treatment Meant for You?

Thanks to advanced technology, there are a number of solutions that can provide relief to any oral health issue you may encounter. Root canal treatment is a restorative procedure that aims to provide a healthy and pain-free solution that countless people across the globe undergo every year. If you aren’t sure whether you should undergo

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Flossing Your Teeth

Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth Regularly

Since childhood, we’ve all been told to brush our teeth twice a day and that flossing was important too, but not essential. Brushing alone won’t give you the results you get when you floss and brush regularly; they are complementary. If you still think that flossing won’t provide better results, then take a look at

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Know About Invisalign

What Do You Know About Invisalign

More than ever, people have been looking for ways to get the perfect smile; one that does not include crooked teeth or an overcrowded mouth. There are a few different corrective options available today to get these dental problems treated, such as conventional metal braces or Invisalign. Invisalign has been gaining a lot of attention

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Choose the Right Dentist

How to Choose the Right Dentist

Do you currently have a family dentist? Are you looking to switch clinics? There are several different factors to consider when comparing and choosing the right dentist for you. The following is a list of things you may want to look for when selecting a clinic: Availability A dental emergency can arise at any time,

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry deals with the health of your teeth and gums, whereas cosmetic dentistry deals with the appearance of your teeth and smile such as alignment and staining. We will now look at various cosmetic dentistry solutions that can help make your smile sparkle. Composite Bonding A tooth that is decayed, chipped, cracked or discolored

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Why are Dental Cleaning Sessions Important?

Many of us do not place much priority on our oral health, and this can sometimes lead to serious dental issues, causing unnecessary pain and often unplanned costs. Taking the required steps to maintain your oral health such as daily flossing and brushing, combined with routine dental cleanings by a professional can greatly reduce the

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How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help you to maintain your overall oral health. Dentists in Fort Saskatchewan suggest visiting at least once or twice per year, depending on your specific situation. As a child, you may have made frequent visits to the dentist as your teeth transitioned from primary to permanent. As

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