Smilemakers offers cosmetic dental services to make your smile more attractive ranging from the instant impact of teeth-whitening to comprehensive aesthetic enhancements.

We invite you to book an appointment for a free assessment to find out if we can improve your smile. We will be happy to discuss your concerns so you can make informed decisions

If your smile is not all you want it to be, we can modify the shape, size, colour and overall aesthetics of your teeth with little or no downtime or discomfort. An improved smile will make a dramatic difference to your appearance.

If you choose to go forward we will take care to determine a style that will suit you. We will measure the proportions of your face and look at the shape of your teeth, and factor in your lifestyle, age, and complexion.

Most procedures can be completed in as little as one to three visits. The materials we use are much stronger than your natural teeth and far more resistant to wear, so your new smile will last for many years.. You will still need to have regular check-ups and maintain your teeth.


Veneers are thin, custom, porcelain facings that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth. They are the best solution to cover gaps, chips, stubborn stains and to improve the shape of your teeth.

We will help you to choose a shade of white that matches your skin and hair color, and results last forever because porcelain does not discolour.

Approximately the thickness of a fingernail (1mm), veneers are the same thickness that is “shaved” off the natural tooth surface so when the veneer is bonded to the tooth, the tooth doesn’t feel or look “thicker.” It’s a simple and painless procedure.

Appointments for veneers are booked several days apart and each visit will take 2-4 hours. The first visit for planning and design, the second to prepare your teeth and place temporaries. Your new smile will look final after this visit – it won’t be obvious that the temporaries are meant to be replaced. On the third visit your veneers will be permanently bonded, polished and adjusted. Total time to achieve your beautiful new smile will amount to 6-12 hours, over the course of a month.

Crowns and Bridges

If you have crooked, cracked, decayed or missing teeth we can improve the appearance, strength and functionality with a crown or bridge.

Missing teeth will cause your remaining teeth will drift out of position and this will change the way your upper teeth rest on your lower teeth, resulting in tooth decay, gum disease, loss of additional teeth, and very possibly migraine headaches. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, dental bridgework may be the solution you need.

A crown is used when a single tooth is damaged. A bridge is used when more than one adjacent teeth are missing. A bridge is essentially a group of interconnecting crowns used to stabilize your bite and restore form and function

A dental crown is a ‘cap’ that is fitted onto a tooth that is damaged or decayed to the degree that the tooth can’t hold a filling.

Crowns and bridges functions the same as natural teeth. They can be made of gold, porcelain or stainless steel, custom built to match the contours of your teeth and fitted to cover it completely to protect from further damage.

Like veneers, appointments for crowns and bridges are booked several days apart and each visit takes 2-4 hours. The first visit for planning and design, the second to prepare your teeth and place temporaries. On the third visit your crown or bridge will be permanently bonded, polished and adjusted. Total time will amount to 6-12 hours, over the course of a month.


Implants are an alternative solution to bridges and crowns for the replacement of missing or severely damaged teeth. They provide the strongest possible structural support, allowing you to eat foods that you would be unable to eat with conventional dentures.

To create an implant, a titanium post is anchored into the jawbone to form the core for one or more replacement teeth. The post becomes biologically fused to your jawbone, and the replacement tooth is then secured to the post, leaving you with a natural-looking smile and fully, naturally functional jaw.

Implants help maintain a more youthful appearance because they don’t erode as natural teeth will, which would lead to the eventual recession of your jaw as you age.


It can sometimes be surprising to see a photo of yourself and discover how dull and yellow your teeth have become.

We offer several different teeth whitening options and will be happy to discuss options with you. Please explain to the receptionist that you want a consultation when you call to book your complimentary appointment.

Our professional whitening treatments are one of the safest ways to whiten your teeth. Completely harmless to enamel, composites and all dental work.