Just as you wouldn’t send your children biking without a helmet or driving without a seatbelt, a custom mouth guard worn on upper or lower teeth is necessary to cushion the blow to protect teeth during sports activities.

Nighttime guards are also important to help people who clench or grind teeth to prevent wearing down the enamel or cracking teeth. As capable as we are at repairing teeth, we’d much rather help you to keep the ones you have in good condition!

Why do you need custom dental guards?

Custom sports or nighttime mouth guards are moulded to your teeth and form-fitted to stay in place. They fit securely over teeth so they offer better protection and there is less problem with restricted breathing. Custom sports guards also allow you to speak more clearly, which is important for clear communication with teammates. We use appropriate materials for high-impact sports.

It is important to remember to have us re-evaluate the fit of the dental guard as your child grows and the position of teeth change.

It is possible to buy plastic mouth guards at your local drugstore or sporting goods store but these are generally ill-fitting and hard to keep in place. The investment in a good dental guard is well worth it.

Caring for your dental guard

  1. Rinse your dental guard in cold, soapy water and keep it dry, clean and secure from your other equipment.
  2. If odour develops rinse your mouth guard in mouthwash.
  3. Take care not to expose your guard to extreme heat by soaking it in hot water or leaving it in hot car or in direct sunlight. Heat can cause the shape of the mouth guard to distort and affect its fit and comfort.